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Titans Draft '08

Posted on: April 27, 2008 4:06 pm
With the 2008 NFL Draft coming to a close the Titans have once again left me, and most fans, with more questions than answers. I like the Chris Johnson pick, I really do, but I'm disappointed to see the Titans throwing away high picks on "workout warriors". Granted, Chris Johnson certainly has more of an on-field resume than Chris Henry (who we can now assume was a bust since we drafted yet another RB). This kid has some sick moves in the return game, and 4.24 is 4.24 is 4.24. One the upside, I think Johnson can contribute immediately. His speed either out of the backfield or lined up in the slot will certainly give Heimerdinger a gamebreaking weapon, and will allow Vince to throw check downs or short passes to a player who can legitimately take it to the house.

I'm glad to see us adding depth at the DL positions, though certainly not thrilled with our choices. According to Fisher William Hayes has a rare skill set, but I am underwhelmed with his size as well as his Winston-Salem State pedigree. The Titans found a diamond in the rough a couple years ago with Finnegan out of Samford, but will lightning strike twice? We once again went the bargain route at WR taking Lavelle Hawkins in the 4th round who is great possession receiver coming from a strong offensive program (Cal). If Titans fans are expecting to see VY chucking 30+ yard bombs to speedster receivers, they're looking in the wrong place. If you look at the personnel acquired in the off season, it is clear that the Titans plan to run the ball and keep the passing game short and manageable. I think this is ideal as VY has not demonstrated the ability to accurately stretch the field with his arm.

This team has a lot of similarities, at least in my mind, to the Titans teams of the early 2000's. A mobile quarterback, a bruising running back (complemented by a slew of quicker 3rd down type scat backs, which we didn't have back in the day), a strong defense, a reliable kicker (I LOVE Bironas) and special teams, and Fisher managing the whole thing.

Like I said, I'm not bowled over by the picks, but I think the Titans definitely have a plan, and I'm waiting until the season rolls around before I declare this draft a bust.

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